Monday, November 27, 2017

Microdot - PROPHET [Album]

Artist: Microdot (마이크로닷)
Album: Prophet
Released: November 26, 2017
Genre: K-pop, Hip Hop, Rap
Label/Distributor: Shin Brothers

Prophet is the 1st album recorded by South Korean rapper Microdot (마이크로닷). It was released on November 26, 2017 by Shin Brothers.
Track List:
Microdot - Tropical Night (Feat. Beenzino).mp3
Size: 10.89 MB | Download

Microdot - Dining Table.mp3
Size: 4.84 MB | Download

Microdot - Chapter of us (Feat. Han All).mp3
Size: 10.05 MB | Download

Microdot - ALL BLACK (Feat. Dok2).mp3

Size: 10.25 MB | Download

Microdot - Goal (Feat. Times X Two).mp3

Size: 7.59 MB | Download

Microdot - Get Don (Feat. Don Mills).mp3
Size: 9.08 MB | Download

Microdot - You Need Love (Feat. Donell Lewis).mp3

Size: 9.32 MB | Download

Microdot - 너 밖엔 없어 (If I don`t have you).mp3
Size: 8.74 MB | Download

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